About Us

About Us


Integrity. Passion. Commitment

We strive to deliver an unparalleled level of personality and customer service.

TechRunner IT was founded in 2008 after enjoying several years of tech work and customer account management in the managed IT services industry. The company was born out of a desire to do better for community businesses than the over selling, under delivering, soul-less IT providers in the area. We have forged long running relationships since our inception and continue to do so by maintaining a team built upon a passion for technology, fierce work ethic and loyalty to our clients.

Our staff is 100% Long Island.  We all live, work here and understand the unique challenges of our region.  We take pride in working with businesses who support our community with jobs, products and services.

We lead with humanity. We like to engage people. We listen. By getting to know the people behind the process, we gain strong insight into what they need to improve their job performance. Happy, productive employees are good for business.

You get our full investment in everything we do for you.


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