Long Island Commercial Wifi Installation, Repair & Consulting Services

TechRunner IT offers the best Commercial WiFi Services and our technicians are all located on Long Island, New York. We have a combined experience of over 25 years in Long Island computer networking & wireless networking troubleshooting and consulting. We have worked with many business owners and IT professionals assisting them in their journey to turn their building into a Commercial WiFi hot-spot on Long Island. Our staff is able to guide you through the entire process from getting your computers from a wired network to a complete wireless environment.

4 Steps to Starting Your Commercial WiFi Setup:

  1. Tell us what you need
  2. Survey your property
  3. Measure the signals
  4. Install exactly what you need

Our consultants are able to:

  • Plan out the proper coverage area
  • Tip and Run Necessary Cables
  • Hide any visible wires
  • Troubleshoot, Configure Entire Network
  • Static IP’s
  • Recommended parts
  • Buy the proper hardware
  • Install all of the proper drivers
  • Get the internet running fully
  • Setup secure network
  • Remote desktop setup / troubleshoot
  • VPN
  • Share folders, files throughout network
  • Setup users with permissions
  • Testing hardware
  • Assist in the switch over from wired internet to secure wireless
  • Boost weak signals
  • and more

To find out how we can improve your Long Island business’s network, contact us today.

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